What is Tao Practice? Tao Practice leads to the understanding and harmonising of your own bodily energies and the energies of the Universe.

The central pillars of Tao Practice are to follow 'Tao', translated as 'The Way', and cultivate 'De', which means 'Virtue'. Virtue is not just about being a nice person. Taoists believe in cultivating virtue and naturalness in a way that is known as 'effortless action'.

Indigenous to China, for thousands of years Tao Practice was the most popular way of life; in the West it is often represented through the famous Yin and Yang symbol, the practices of Tai Chi, acupuncture, meditation and Feng Shui, and its most celebrated text, the Dao De Jing or Tao Te Ching written by Lao Zi.

Tao Study is a philosophy for living.
Tao Theory is science.
Tao Practice is an art.
Tao Culture is a happy, peaceful, safe and quiescent way of life, without conflict or divison.

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