The VisionHappy, High Energy People Walking Their Path.

We each have a unique path through life.

Yet, so many people feel lost.

Learning and practising Taoism helps us become healthy, happy and mindful of our life.

From a calm and confident centre we make choices that are better for ourselves, for our community and for the world.

The Mission StatementTo provide more people in the West with access to Taoist Practise.

Much has been written about Taoism but it’s real benefit comes from practise.

There are many different Arts within Taoism that range from massage, dietary guidelines, meditation, Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Self Defence and much, much more.

The International Taoist Society provides community classes in a range of settings across Europe.

Practitioners can learn directly from an authentic unbroken lineage of practitioners who have strong friendships with Taoists in China and across the World.


The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Careful Planning

    We have a strategic team that sets the direction for the organisation. They meet regularly and comunicate plans to our network of teachers.

  • Step 2: Team Assembly

    Our community attends monthly courses where we practise together. The leadership team shares current strategy and provides face-to-face support to volunteers to help them achieve our shared goals.

  • Step 3: Follow Through

    Our teachers cascade information to students in their classes. Together we take action to ensure the success of the local classes and the growth of the organisation.

The TeamMeet our amazing community.



The Get Stuff Done Group leads on and coordinates the important activities that ensure we operate smoothly, on budget and within the law.


Our network of volunteer teachers across Europe and in California deliver regular classes in the community giving thousands of people each year the chance to experience and practice the Taoist Arts.


Our community dontes time and money to help us grow as an organisation and provide an awesome experience for people who join our classes or attend our events.

The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

From our centre in Leeds, we have a strong connection with the lineage of the Taoist system we teach. We regularly host Taoist visitors from China and elsewhere. Each year we take part in Taoist cultural exchanges in China. Everything we learn is shared with teachers and students across our network of classes in Europe so that local communities benefit from being part of the bigger organisation.

The InfoOur stats at a glance.