The Vision
Happy, Healthy People Walking Their Path - strengthening & protecting their family, community and environment.

We each have a unique path through life.

Yet so many people feel lost.

First learn to lose the stress and tension of modern life, to become healthy, happy and better connected to the world around you.

From a calm and confident centre one can make choices that are better for the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our families, our community and our planet.

The Mission StatementTo provide more people in the West with access to Taoist Practice.

Much has been written about Tao Study but it's real benefit comes from practice.

There are many different Arts within Tao Practice that range from massage, meditation, Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Self Defence and dietary guidelines incl. cultivation of herbs, and much, much more.

The International Taoist Society provides community classes in a range of settings across Europe.

Practitioners can learn directly from an authentic unbroken lineage of practitioners who have strong connections with the White Cloud Hall in Beijing.


The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

From our centre in Leeds, the International Taoist Society regularly hosts Taoist visitors. Each year we take part in Taoist cultural exchanges in China. Everything we learn is shared with teachers and students across our network of classes in Europe so that local communities benefit from Taoist culture and practice.

Meet Our Amazing Taoist Community


The International Taoist Society is a UK charity established to promote Taoism, including the study of Taoist philosophy and culture, for health, happiness, peace and longevity.

Taoism includes disciplines such as Tai Chi, meditation, self-defence, healthy eating, traditional Taoist massage, breathing exercises, and suppleness exercises. In line with the Taoist principle of harmonising with nature, we learn to cultivate and utilise herbs that promote good health. Also it includes the study of Dao and De for spiritual development.

This body of knowledge was passed down the Lee (Li) family from Master to Student over many generations, before being brought to the UK in 1934 by Chan Kam Li. His nominated successor was Chee Soo, who in turn taught his senior student, our current President, Desmond Murray.

Mr Murray is a Vice President of the Shandong Wushu Association. He is the first non-Chinese to be accorded this honour.
The province of Shandong, in Eastern China, is larger than England and Wales combined, with over 100 million residents.
Shandong has played a major role in Chinese history from the beginning of civilisation and served as a pivotal cultural site for Taoism. It is a great honour that the Shandong Wushu Association should recognise the value and quality of our taoist system and the skill of Desmond Murray as our Grand Master.

Mr Murray is also the Overseas President of the Weihei Wushu Association. Weihai (formerly Weihaiwei) is a city in Shandong province and it was Great Grandmaster Chan Kam Lee's base for travel to the West.

Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu of the White Cloud Hall, or Bai Yuan Guan, Beijing said: “The International Taoist Society provides a tangible link between the experience of ancient Taoist learning and the people in Europe to whom it is offered.”


Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu and Grandmaster Desmond Murray at the International Taoist Society Centre in Leeds.


Grand Master Desmond Murray, who we refer to as Laoba, and Wai-Yii Yeung, his senior student, and vice-president of the ITS, who we refer to as Laoma, with members of the British-Weihai Wushu Culture Development Forum.