Sea Cloud Hall Project

The White Cloud Temple in Beijing is the largest centre for Tao Study in the world and endorses the International Taoist Society Tao Centre in the UK. It will be called Hai Yun Guan or Sea Cloud Hall. It is a huge project and we require help to make it happen!

Hai Yun Guan will be the centre for Tao Practice in the West. The biggest of its kind in Europe. It will be a place where Taoists, and people interested in Tao Practice will be able to come to learn. It will be an education centre where people can experience the Taoist Arts and their culture through the practise of Lishi. It will be a venue where we will hold regular classes and courses and where we will be able to offer massage, a tea house and much more.

If you’d like to know more, to be kept updated as we progress, or if you’d like to support this project, please check out our campaign on Just Giving: