Sea Cloud Hall Project

Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu from the White Cloud Hall in Beijing has asked the International Daoist Society to help him open the first Daoist Centre in UK. It will be called Hai Yun Guan or Sea Cloud Hall. This is a great honour. It’s also a huge project and we require as much help to make it happen as we can get!

Hai Yun Guan will be the centre for Daoism outside of China. The biggest of its kind in Europe. It will be a place where Daoists, and people interested in Daoism, from across Europe will be able to come to learn. It will be an education centre where people can experience the Daoist Arts and their culture through the practise of Lishi. It will be a venue where we will hold regular classes and courses and where we will be able to offer massage, a tea house and access to spiritual guidance from Daoists from China.


If you’d like to know more, to be kept updated as we progress, or if you’d like to support this project, please contact us via, or complete the form below.

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