2009 October Traditional Chinese Health at Manchester Science Festival

Traditional Chinese health at Manchester Science Festival

Explore Traditional Chinese medicine (Wed 28 – Fri 30 Oct)

As part of MOSI’s 2009 Biomedical Science Exhibition, experts from The Shanghai Association in China, the University of Salford and the IDS explored traditional Chinese Medicine including: massage; tai chi and acupuncture.

It gave people an opportunity to find out more, have a treatment and give it a go with a taster!

The IDS included demonstrations of Tai Chi, Qigong and Daoist breathing.
The event took the form of a market-place style exhibition for researchers and medical scientists and also a “demonstration & performance area” for short talks and demonstrations.
We provided timetabled demonstrations in this area, as well as “mini-classes” (where we showed the public some basics and then they got to try it out).

To quote the organiser: “Your demonstrations were a fantastic addition to the debate about health and science.”