Los Angeles Conference on Daoism 2010

Daoism Today: Science, Heath, Ecology

We were invited to present a paper at the 6th International Conference on Daoist Studies at Loyola Marymount University, June 2-6, 2010

The sixth in a series of major conferences on Daoist studies and modern application, this continues a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), and Mt. Wudang (2009).

This year’s location was the spectacular campus of LMU in Los Angeles, with its scenic overlook of the Pacific Ocean and easy access to the airport and California sightseeing.

The theme was the application of Daoist theory and practice in the world today. Topics included: Daoism in relation to science, medicine, cultivation, spirituality, history, culture, arts, music, ecology, ethics, and more.

Panels covered the following topics: Daoism and: Art; Business; Dietetics; Ecology; Ethics; Internal Alchemy; Leadership Education; Meditation; New World; Thunder Rites; Psychology; Thunder Rites; Women’s Health;Yijing.

Workshops focussed on practice and covered: Applied Qi; Astrology; Bagua zhang; Breathing Practice; Daoist Music; Management Applications; Open Body Qigong; Women’s Qigong.

Keynotes speeches were delivered by Livia Kohn, “A Win-Win World: Where Science, Politics, and Daoism Meet” and Zhang Yuanming, “Daoism in China: Contributions to a New Millennium”

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