Help more people discover and experience the benefits of the Taoist Arts.

Established in 1954, the International Taoist Society (ITS) has a long history of promoting the benefits of Tao Practice in the UK.

The White Cloud Temple in Beijing is the largest centre for Tao Study in the world and endorses the ITS Tao Centre in the UK.


The proposed venue of the Tao Centre

A place where people can come to learn the full range of Taoist Arts that we teach and a place to host visitors from all over the world who want to share and learn from each other.

The Taoi Centre will be known as the Sea Cloud Hall and will be located in Leeds.


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In the digitally connected, "always on" society, the pace of life is constantly accelerating. More and more people find themselves feeling stressed and disconnected. A centre for the study and practise of the Taoist Arts will offer ways to re-balance this. It will be a centre of excellence and a hub for the training of the next generation of teachers of these ancient Arts.

The Sea Cloud Hall

The Sea Cloud Hall will be a space that offers a full timetable of the Taoist Arts; A place where people can visit at any time of day to learn Tai Chi, Qigong, Tao Yoga, Taoist Dietary Therapy and Herbalism, Taoist Massage and 'Hand of the Wind' Kung Fu.

The Sea Cloud Hall will be a place offering weekend workshops and longer courses; a place to host an annual Taoist conference where experts, speakers and guests from throughout the world will share their wisdom and teachings about the Taoist Arts.

We've found the hall to be our centre!!

For over 6 decades we have been teaching out of church halls and community venues around Leeds, but now we have found the perfect location to be our permanent home - the Paxton Hall in Headingley. We have to raise £150k and bid for the hall before property developers take it.

We've created a campaign on and hope you will support us in reaching our target. Pleaase donate whatever you can, no ammount is too small or too big. You will be helping to create a centre for the study of the Taoist Arts not just for the community but for future generations too.

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