Ancient Wisdom from Daoist Practice

Moving as water book-cover

Due to be published in 2019, is a book by Desmond Murray and Lynette Hunter.

Desmond Murray is the President of the International Daoist Society.

Lynette Hunter is Professor of Theatre and Dance at UC Davis, and has been a student of Desmond Murray for many years.

“Moving as Water”

In this, until recently, secret family Daoist system of Daoist Lishi Quanfa, each generation is a link in an unbroken chain reaching back to antiquity.

In this book the authors give a detailed, modern insight into the ancient physical and internal practice of Lishi.

Contributions in the form of original calligraphies produced by esteemed Chinese Daoist practitioners, and a Foreword by Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu, White Cloud Hall, Beijing, contextualise Lishi globally as an effective practice in working with energy (i.e. qigong).

The teachings in this book describe the processes involved in cultivating qi energy for the internal and external defence of the body’s health.