2014 Annual IDS Conference

Annual IDS Conference 2014

July 19 – August 3 2014 – Leeds, UK

The annual International Daoist Society Conference was again held in Leeds this year. Delegates travelled from all over Europe, and as far afield as the USA to attend.

After last year’s successful conference, Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu was again able to attend, and impart some of his considerable knowledge and wisdom.

Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu lives and works at the White Cloud Hall in Beijing. He is the inheritor of the Longmen (Dragon Gate) branch of Quanzhen (Complete Reality) School of Daoism.

He was able to spare two days at the beginning of the conference to talk, discuss and demonstrate several areas of Daoist knowledge and practice, including specific breathing exercise for health, some standing meditation positions, how to calm the emotions, and everyday practices to enhance health so we can all live a long life.

We are very grateful to Grand Master Zhao Yuanfu in taking time out of his busy schedule, and for giving us his time and the benefit of his expertise.

The conference covered the following topics, amongst others:

  • how to remain calm under pressure – being like a deep, still lake
  • how to integrate Daoist practices and wisdom into everyday life
  • healthy eating – adapting a Daoist diet to the West
  • living through the seasons – how to adapt your lifestyle to live naturally
  • forthcoming visit to China
  • Chinese phrases relating to Daoism
  • Daoist theory of science