2012 Visit to China

2012 IDS Visit to China

The 2012 took place earlier than usual. This year’s trip was for a large group of IDS volunteers and associates. There were opportunities to meet experts in Daoism, visit Daoist centres and experience areas of significance in Daoist traditions.

From Beijing, the group visited the following areas:

The following is a summary of important events and visits to sites.


The White Cloud Hall (Bái Yún Gùanis very important as the centre of Quanzhen Pai lineage of Daoism. It is the seat of the Chinese Taoist Association, which was founded in 1957.

The Taoyuan Daoist Hall. This is situated in what is known as Taoyuan Fairy Valley, which lies at the foot of Yunmengshan National Forest Park, Shicheng Town, Miyun County, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Beijing. We met Grand Master Wu and the site and she welcomed us and gave us a talk on the history of the Hall.


Shangdong Province