What is Taoism?It is Art,
It is Science,
It is Culture,
It is Philosophy.

Taoism is art, it is science, it is culture and it is philosophy.

All of these at the same time, without conflict or division.


An ancient Chinese tradition of practical philosophy, Taoism first appeared more than two thousand years ago.

For centuries it was the most popular way of life in China; in the West its various aspects are not as well known as its practices, which include meditation and Feng Shui, and for its most celebrated text, the Daodejing or Tao Te Ching.

The central aim in Taoism is to follow the ‘Tao’, a word which roughly translates as ‘The Way’. Taoists believe in following life in its natural flow, what they refer to as an ‘effortless action’.

Kuixing Tower (pictured above) is a historic tower in Guangshui, Hubei Province.

Built in 1377, the tower stands on a hill overlooking the city.

Kuixing is the name of a god who is said to live in the constellation of Ursa Major and who governs literature and writing.

As Guangshui is a city known for its calligraphy, the connection to Kuixing is apparent.

Traditionally, parents whose children are attending college entrance examinations come there to pray and burn incense.

According to legend, many great poets studied in Guangshui, and Li Bai’s famous poem called ‘A Tranquil Night’ was written there.

A Tranquil Night
A bed, I see a silver light,
I wonder if it’s frost aground.

Looking up, I find the moon bright;
Bowing, in homesickness
I’m drowned.Li Bai

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